What is Ranger® Technology?

Ranger Technology Combines A New Electrophoretic Analysis Method with a Tunable Voltage Control

Ranger Technology’s suite of hardware and software leverages a proprietary means of assessing gel electrophoresis. The analysis determines how Ranger Technology can best ensure the collection of the specific DNA target sizes across multiple samples.

Whereas most monitoring platforms use line detectors to observe a single point in the electrophoretic pathway, Ranger Technology uses camera vision to monitor the entire gel with intermittent imaging. This approach is advantageous for the following reasons:

Scales electrophoresis

An inexpensive camera documents multiple gels, each bearing a plurality of DNA samples.

Ensures the highest degree of accuracy

Multiple reference markers, imaged simultaneously, provide real-time information to improve the estimation of DNA fragment lengths.

Collection of mobility information over the entire course of electrophoresis

Continuously controlled voltage accounts for the ever-changing DNA mobility that confounds efforts to recover the desired target every time.

Ranger Technology is Trusted

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"Ranger Technology has been a critical addition to our synthetic biology pipeline, allowing us to accelerate timelines and scale our processes around high-throughput dsDNA size-selection and gel analytics. "

Nathaniel Maynard PhD

Senior Scientist Synthetic Genomics, Inc.

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