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The LightBench brings the unsurpassed quality of Ranger Technology size selection to groups that are processing samples intermittently or pooling libraries prior to size selection. The instrument also doubles as a quality control instrument.


For groups looking for total automation that size selects samples scalably from 1 to 96 samples per run, the NIMBUS Select is an ideal solution.

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"Coastal Genomics' Ranger Technology helped scale our world-class metagenomic sample preparation and NGS library pipeline. We were able to fully offload tedious size selection steps, for both high and low molecular weight cutoffs, using a fully-automated, walk-away process. In doing so, it improved our data quality, consistency, and output-per-dollar spent by an order of magnitude while reducing FTE labor significantly. "

Dr. Jeffrey Kim

CEO/CSO/Co-Founder Radiant Genomics

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