Gel Size Selection

RangerĀ® Technology Brings Unparalleled Monitoring and Control to the Process of Gel Size Selection

The mobility of DNA through a gel changes over the course of electrophoresis. Continuous monitoring of the process provides the information needed to achieve a desired mobility through control of voltage. Ranger Technology combines continuous monitoring with real-time manipulation of the electric field to process up to 96 samples in parallel. Our method delivers the highest degree of repeatable size selections in spite of the ever-changing nature of electrophoretic mobility.

Fragment Length Analysis

Fast Analysis, Low Cost

Ranger Technology works with reagent kits from Coastal Genomics that maximize the number of samples that can be assessed in a given timeframe. Up to 96 DNA samples can be prepared, loaded, electrophoresed and assessed in a 15 minute run time. The SBS-compliant gel cassettes we offer for fragment length analysis enable loading of 96 samples into a single gel for optimization of the per-sample price. Multiple cassettes can be processed in parallel to enable assessment of up to 384 samples in 1 hour.

Plate Based Quantification

Ranger Technology Serves as a Plate Reader

Most electrophoretic methods of quantification are inaccurate. For groups interested in accurate quantification of DNA samples, Ranger Technology can be used as a reader for solution based fluorescence assays prepared in a 96 or 384 well plate. The data generated from this assay can be merged with that of a fragment length analysis assay for accurate assessment of sub-region concentration.

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