Coastal Genomics has partnered with Hamilton Robotics to port RangerĀ® Technology for gel based electrophoresis and size selection to the NIMBUS Select workstation. This solution enables accurate, high yield recovery of up to 96 DNA samples. The automated tracking of the process produces both electropherograms of the input sample and artificial traces of the output profile. Ranger Technology saves all captured images for review by the user.

Turnkey Automation of the Process

The NIMBUS Select automates the entire process of gel electrophoresis for either size selection or fragment length analysis. Automatic mixing of samples with loading buffer spiked with internal reference markers precedes their loading into gel cassettes. The NIMBUS Select initiates the electrophoretic process and continuously monitors and controls its progression. When involved in size selection, the extraction process involves automated reformatting of the extracted fragment lengths into clean labware, ready for downstream processing.

Run Setup

Ranger Technology software enables technicians to easily identify targets from multiple samples for size selection. Worklists available from Coastal Genomics output .csv files that quickly define all size selection or fragment analysis parameters necessary to start a run. Command line prompt interfacing with the system supports clean integration with existing automation, and LIMS-compatible data outputs are reported. The software allows for mid-run updates to the sample parameters so users can load additional samples after a run has commenced, meaning you can get started even if your samples are not all ready at run time.

Pipeline-Level Throughput

While the NIMBUS Select automates sample handling for up to 96 size selections or 768 fragment analyses, the capacity of the system does not have to be matched to ensure cost-effective processing of samples. RFID readers recognize previously used gel cassettes to determine unused channels that can be accessed for new samples. The instrument comes with a 96 channel liquid handling manifold or a 384 manifold for groups looking to increase the throughput of fragment analyses.

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