Coastal Genomics heard from many groups that the quality results of Ranger® Technology would be highly desirable on an instrument that had a favourable price point. Our response to this feedback is the LightBench. Designed with the intent to keep turnkey automation in mind, this instrument easily integrates as a peripheral device to partnering liquid handling workstations.

Standalone or
Integrated Configurations

The LightBench uses a unique drawer actuation system that provides a long reach to increase the options for integration with liquid handling workstations. This instrument integrates cleanly with Hamilton Robotic’s NIMBUS, STAR and VANTAGE lines of automation. Standalone installations of LightBench delivers quality results for customers that would rather operate the platform by themselves.


Coastal Genomics’ legacy gel cassette formats are compatible with the LightBench. Additionally, we have released a new cassette format that conforms to the SBS footprint standard. Standard plate-gripping equipment easily accesses and retrieves this labware.

Three Protocols, One

Small labs that are on a budget will appreciate the ability to accomplish gel size selection, fragment analysis and solution-based fluorescence assays with a single piece of equipment. Integration of the LightBench with partnering automation affords users turnkey automation of assay setup and execution.

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