Let Our Solution Relieve You of the Burden of Size Selection

Gel size selection, though tedious, results in improved value for numerous DNA sequencing and cloning processes. This option significantly lowers costs associated with new applications associated with prenatal testing, cancer detection and other clinical conditions.

Researchers already struggle with complex bench protocols. Gel size selection of DNA introduces many hurdles to the daily lives of laboratory technicians. The demanding requirements of the process lead to headaches and variable results.

Manual Gel Size Selection is a Labour-Intensive Task with Inconsistent Outcomes

Accurate targeting of DNA fragment lengths for recovery requires gel size selection. Manual processing necessitates casting of gels, pipetting of samples, and irreproducible target isolation via gel plug excision. All of this is automated with improvements to result consistency by Ranger Technology.

Without Ranger® Technology

Cast Gels
Load Samples
Electrophorese DNA
Visualize & Extract Gel Plug
Gel DNA Recovery

With Ranger® Technology

Scalable, automated size selection

Ranger Technology Automates the Process and Removes Variability, at any Throughput

Coastal® Genomics aims to resolve the problems associated with golden standard protocols that are not traditionally thought of as amenable to automation. Our Ranger Technology platform achieves this feat for gel size selection.

Turnkey automation

Our instruments enable automation of the entire process, from mixing samples to extraction of target DNA sizes to reformatting in clean labware, ready for whatever is next.

Precise performance

Ranger Technology uses a patented method for analyzing the gel size selection process. Users benefit from getting the exact target they want across multiple samples, every time.

Highly accurate size selections

Multiple reference markers that are close in size to the researcher’s target are used to ensure recovery of the desired fragment lengths without the need for repeated optimization.

More than just gel size selection

Ranger Technology’s hardware suite allows it to automate processes other than gel size selection. Researchers carry out fragment length analyses with our instruments, as well as solution-based fluorescence assays for the quantification of their samples.

Options to fit your throughput

Ranger Technology integrates with the NIMBUS Select platform from Hamilton Robotics for groups looking for pipeline-scale automation. Our newest offering, the LightBench®, addresses the need for quality results in labs operating at a lower scale.

See how Ranger Technology can increase your lab’s efficiency.

Coastal® Genomics Offers Top Notch Support

We pride ourselves on our customer support! Every effort is made to work with interested people and confirm Ranger Technology’s suitability for their applications. Our staff happily support inquiries and size select samples for evaluation of the platform. Users of our instruments receive prompt feedback when questions arise. As new applications that benefit from gel size selection arise, Coastal Genomics responds by investing the time needed to achieve the desired result, every time.

Ranger Technology is Backed by Hamilton Robotics

Our partnership with Hamilton Robotics means Ranger Technology users benefit from the professionalism of a trusted name in life science automation. The NIMBUS Select instrument leverages Hamilton’s well-known low volume 96 and 384 well heads, and the LightBench is fully integratable with the NIMBUS, STAR and VANTAGE lineup.

About Coastal Genomics

Incorporated in 2012 and operational since 2013, Coastal Genomics is a team of engineers and scientists that believe good life science research should not be at the mercy of the fickle nature of bench work. While this view is not unique to us, our approach to solving the problem is. We look to automate gold standard bench protocols and consolidate other in-line processes onto single-instrument solutions. In a nutshell, we aim to contribute to the push to roboticize all laboratory work with DNA. Ranger Technology is our primary offering. It enables turnkey automation of gel-based electrophoresis for the purposes of sample preparation and quality control.


In August 2020, Coastal Genomics were acquired by Yourgene Health. Yourgene Health is an international molecular diagnostics group which develops and commercialises genetic products and services. The group works in partnership with global leaders in DNA technology to advance diagnostic science.

For further information visit www.yourgene-health.com

Ranger Technology is Trusted

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“The Ranger Technology developed by Coastal Genomics has enabled the accurate and reproducible extraction of specific DNA fragment sizes on a high-throughput capable platform. Use of this technology has strongly supported our principle research goal of improving the detection of tumor-derived cell-free DNA variants present in circulation to diagnose, monitor, and determine susceptibility/resistance to therapy in various solid tumor malignancies. Their customer support and willingness to customize their platform to our individual laboratory needs has been unparalleled.”

Hunter Underhill MD, PhD

Assistant Professor University of Utah

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