About Coastal Genomics


New pressures to minimize the cost of samples preparation and quality control come into play as top Life Science facilities face increasing demands spurred by technological revolutions and new applications in biology. Manual agarose gel electrophoresis for purification and fragment length analysis of nucleic acids has become too time-consuming and cost prohibitive for these groups.

The vision at Coastal Genomics is to enable the use of agarose gel electrophoresis for size selection and analytical purposes on a scale that satisfies today’s high throughput environment. This golden standard technique is the most discriminating form of purification and is perfect for low cost electrophoretic characterizations.

We believe that flexible, automated solutions to unsolved problems open new doors for our client base. Ranger Technology is able to address the pain points of cost, throughput capacity and reliability for numerous applications.

Coastal Genomics is a privately-owned corporation that operates out of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.